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a private web environment

Tonseth House is a private web environment dedicated to free discussion, without intrusion of advertising, cookies, noise, bouncing things, or any kind of interference with your computer from our website. We do not keep a log of visitors. Members are required to register some minimal information with the site managers, but visitors are completely unobserved by us.

Be aware, however: The FBI, Department of Defense or other agencies may be authorized to monitor this site or your ISP without any notification to us or to you, under the current state of U.S. law.

This site is intended to be friendly to Netscape, Mozilla (and variants), Opera, iCab, Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, DEVONagent, Konqueror, Beonex, Shiira, Nagara and the T-House Reading Palette. If you are using one of these browsers and have comments about the site's formatting behavior, please write to If you have comments on the content you wish to share only with the editors, please write to At your request, the editors are willing to include messages in the content of our news and editorial pages. We regret that our open discussion page has been suspended due to the abuses by spammers selling online medications.

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